Materials for Malaria Teaching

This page describes a number of lessons and materials which can be used at different schools levels to teach about malaria.

All lessons on this page are provided in different document formats to suit the individual teachers need. Whereas for online browsing the HTML documents may be the first choice, for printing purposes the PDF format of Adobe's Acrobat Reader is recommended. Finally, should somebody feel the need to edit the lessons they are also provided in the RTF-format, which can be imported into most word processors.

Every row of the following table includes the title of the lesson, a short description and the possibility do download the individual documents in the above stated formats. If a link for the author of the lesson is provided, she or he can be reached by e-mail. The numbers in the format-columns indicate the size of the file in kilo bytes, including pictures in the case of HTML-documents, which are packed as ZIPs. Direct access to the HTML document is provided by the linked title of the lesson in the first column. The lessons and their content can be freely used for private or educational purposes.

However, commercial use without the consent of the author is strictly prohibited.

Name and description of the provided lesson / material Author HTML (ZIP) PDF RTF
Life cycle of malaria (Primary): This lesson provides the teacher with the material to teach about the life cycle of malaria in a very basic way. It may therefore be appropriate for primary school classes, or classes with slow understanding. M. Giger
14 KB
27 KB
578 KB
Life cycle of malaria (Junior Secondary): This lesson provides the teacher with the material to teach about the life cycle of malaria with an emphasis of parasitic development in humans. Due to the clear graphics and the easy to understand reading text it is suited best for the JSS level. M. Giger
30 KB
52 KB
1121 KB
Life cycle of malaria (GAST Biology): This lesson provides the teacher with a text to the figure on page 187 of the GAST Biology book, as well as with some ideas about how to teach the lesson. M. Giger
13 KB
30 KB
402 KB
Neem tree (material): This text provides some backround information on the neem tree, its properties and its use in health matters and agriculture. M. Giger
76 KB
1018 KB
3721 KB
Poems about Malaria: A few poems on the topic of malaria. M. Giger
6 KB
7 KB
Small Insects, Big Trouble: Problems a Kenyan woman may face after falling sick from malaria. With some suggestions for student activities and statistical background information on Ghana and Kenya. M. Giger
15 KB
19 KB

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Comments, suggestions or corrections, especially from Ghanaians, people from the teaching field or in malaria research to are most welcome.

Matthias Giger, August 1999 (Update: 30.01.2002)