Traditional Songs from Switzerland for Children

This page presents some of Switzerlands traditional songs which are still reproduced in many classrooms of Switzerland. The songs are ordered in alphabetical order in the table below. All music sheets can be downloaded in the Acrobat Reader's PDF file format.

The download table is organised in five colums: Song title indicates the title of the Song in Swiss German (a translation of the title is provided), here the music sheet can be downloaded; Comments is a link to a PDF file with instructions and comments about the song; Grade indicates the age group the song aims for; Listen informs you whether there is a listening example available; ZIP file links to a file which contains the musical sheet, comments and the listening example in one file.

As this page is still under construction, only a few materials are ready for download. If you have any comments or questions about this page, please write to the author at

Song title Comment Grade Listen ZIP file
Alli Büseli sind no blind (All Kittens Are Still Blind) not yet 1-3 not yet not yet
Emmentalerlied (Song of the Emmental) not yet 7-9 no yet not yet
I der Schwyz, i der Schwyz (In Switzerland, in Switzerland) not yet 1-3 not yet not yet
Rägewätter (Raining Weather) not yet 1-3 not yet not yet
S Anni hät Geburtstag (It's Annie's Birthday) not yet 1-3 no yet not yet

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